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Peter Wagler


Ever since I found a phenomenal agate in 2003 near my home in the river Mulde, between Halsbach and Conradsdorf, I have once again contracted an infectious passion for collecting stones. Even when I worked as a hewer for Wismut I smuggled unique fossils out of the mine, which was strictly forbidden. Since then all these fossils have either gone on as gifts to friends, or have gone missing.

Although I have been able to keep a few spectacular specimens in crates since that find in 2003, only in 2008 during my work for the Pi-Haus inc. society did I begin sawing these agates open. For this activity I received significant support from Uwe Thonfeld from Geyer, who deserves much gratitude. During this time I also found the mineral cornucopia of the gravel quarry in Ottendorf-Okrilla. Additionally, during my stays in Argentina I went on excursions to the gravel quarries on the Rio Uruguay, and brought some beautiful agates and jasper home with me.

My collector’s items of choice are these agates from Halsbach, Ottendorf-Okrilla and the gravel pit agates of Argentina. Perhaps I ought to mention that in 2010 I also found five pieces and 2011 two pieces of Lusatian moldavite in Ottendorf-Okrilla. In 2012 I have found one moldavite (while washing agates in a puddle). Collectors are always welcome to share their experiences and exchange tips. A few pieces that I am willing to sell can be found under Agates on Sale.