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Peter Wagler

Portrait > Vita

1964Born in Dresden
1971Junior/secondary school in Freital
1981Training and employment as a miner at the SDAG Wismut in Gera and Dresden
1985Stage technican, heating systems manager, lorry driver,
lithography course led by Holger Koch, attends drawing circle of the Mining Academy Freiberg
seit 1987Works together with Klaus Göbel, lithograph printer in Chemnitz
1987Training as a stonemason at the VEB Elbenturstein (Sandstone Company)
1988Birth of daugther Josephine
1988Ilegal travel to Middle Asia
1990Becomes a member of the Chemnitz Artists Association
1991Works on special exhibitions for the Cultural Department of the City of Dresden
1992 Begins study of painting and printmaking (in the 3rd year of study) under Prof. Claus Weidensdorfer and Prof. Horst Schuster at the college of Visual Arts, Dresden
1995 - 97M.A. at the Leipzig College of Graphics and Book Art under Prof. Gert Wunderlich
1998Studies German literature and art history at the Technical University Dresden
1998Foundation of the Satzverlag.
2006 - 10Leader of the cultural projects of the Pi-Haus e.V. Freiberg
2006/7Travel to Argentina
2010Travel to Argentina
2011/12Travel to Argentina
2012/13Travel to Argentina
2015Birth of daugther Paula
2016Travel to Argentina