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Peter Wagler


In 1999 I discovered a passion for Argentine tango and began to dance. Since then I have gone to countless courses and milongas and lived for extended periods in Buenos Aires five times.

I learned the basics of tango from Ania Tress in Dresden. Although I took courses with many Argentinian dance instructors, I found the style of Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega, from whom I’ve taken particularly many courses.

The music described under the term “tango milonga” (i.e. Francisco Canaro, Miguel Villasboas, Roberto Firpo, Quintero Don Pancho, Quinteto Pirinche, Orquesta Tipica Victor) fascinates me particularly strongly, with its particularly cheerful vibrancy. Tango milonga is particularly conducive to beautiful walking and rhythmic play. Moreover, I also enjoy musicians such as Carlos di Sarli and Osvaldo Pugliese – and in general, almost everything tango.

Since 2006 I have taught Argentine tango primarily in Freiberg, Dresden, Chemnitz and novadays in Döbeln and Georlitz and I occasionally DJ tango music at milongas.