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Peter Wagler


The Fuchsmühle (“Fox Mill”) is a complex of buildings picturesquely located between Halsbach and Conradsdorf in the valley of the Freiberger Mulde, and has a long and diverse history, which can be found in greater detail under “History.” The landscape of the valley was shaped by mining for silver, barites and fluorites, and agates. Additionally, numerous smelting works stood here in bygone centuries, which received necessary fuel from rafters who brought wood down the Mulde. All around one finds monuments of this mining tradition such as adits, spoil tips and water drainage systems. Numerous species of rare flora and fauna live here either seasonally or year-round.

In 1999 I rented the factory building of the Fuchsmühle and began the groom the overgrown and dilapidated premises. At the same time I installed safety measures and dismantled later additions. The flood of 2002 completely laid waste to the garden, which had already been partially restored. With the help of friends and months of heavy labor the damage was repaired. Afterwards I built a stone wall around the garden. In 2004 I reworked the wood shed into a dance floor, and since then I occasionally host dance evenings. The Fuchsmühle and its conservation have become an integral aspect of my life.